Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beer, Chardonnay, or Both?

Alcohol in the House That Bob Built

Issue Resurfaces

There is a letter to the editor in the Daily today on this well-trodden turf.

My comments:

Once again, the Morrill Hall Gang has gotten itself into a situation where no matter what happens a large and vocal group of people are going to be screaming bloody murder about this.

As with light rail, a little foresight and leadership would have gone a long way toward avoiding this situation. A no alcohol anywhere in the stadium policy from the very beginning - as practiced by Ohio State, Michigan, and Penn State - would have been one possible option. As I understand it, these football programs make a lot more money than football at the U of M.

OR... The U could have pointed out to the BigTen that they are facing ginormous competition with three pro teams in the same city where alcohol is being served to all of legal age. They could have pointed out that alcohol was served in the Metrodome for years at Gopher football games. I still can't get over the hypocrisy here. My God, they are now serving alcohol across the street in the alumni center! And they could have pointed out that there actually are college football stadiums in the country where alcohol is served to all of legal age. It is not at all clear that the Big Ten has an absolute prohibition on alcohol for general seating in stadiums.

Look, I don't much care whether alcohol is served or not, with a slight preference for not as it would probably be nicer to take family and friends to an alcohol-free environment. Getting barfed on or taking your kids to the bathroom and encountering drunken fans in flagrante is not what I'd call the ideal college football game experience.

This whole sad situation is a result of lack of leadership and foresight by you know who.

And Bob steps back and piously proclaims that the U has no position on the matter of booze only in the suites? While a former Regent's brother - Metzen - helps to get the proposal on the table? And the unofficial U lobbying agents - aka the Big Cigars - hire Roger Moe to push the plan? The mind reels.

"Everything we do at the University of Minnesota is out in the open." Robert Bruininks

Yah, fer sure...

Beer (and chardonnay) for all or none!


Anonymous said...

Just so you know, the U of M football program also makes money. Quite a bit, actually.

Mr. B. said...

Pray, tell...

Please enlighten us?

And if it is true that the football program makes quite a bit of money, why do they need to sell booze?

(You actually have a point here - the football team DOES make money, but unfortunately, the athletics department does not. What do you think the subsidy is and can we afford it? My guess is at least five mil and an honest accounting would lead to a lot higher figure. That means that either EXPENSES on the football side have to go down, or some teams will need to be dropped. Any ideas?)