Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Latest on Possible Code Violations

at the University of Minnesota's

Northrop Auditorium

I've put an earlier post up on this matter. So far, the City of Minneapolis has begged off because of the Vatican-like nature of the U. I did receive a helpful response from the Minnesota Attorney General's office and am pursuing some of the available options. One of them includes a complaint to the person at the University who is legally responsible for code violations.

For further details please see:

Code Violations at Northrop Auditorium?

It would be in the best interests of all concerned to see that this matter is taken care of as soon as possible. Large numbers of people are in Northrop for events and people are working in the building every day. If there are problems with Code, they need immediate attention. Further foot dragging is inappropriate.

According to Cultural Czar Steven Rosenstone:

"The University is very concerned about the fragility of the building. Northrop is egregiously out of compliance with code and life-safety requirements and code officials could close the building at any time."

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