Sunday, February 21, 2010

Are we really interested

in job creation in Minnesota?

Solution is obvious

As the Boston Globe pointed out today:

A Fact-Stimulus Created Jobs.

"Stimulus opponents [TeePaw..], often motivated by strictly ideological or political concerns, have repeatedly claimed that the bill didn’t create a single job that the economy wouldn’t have created anyway. This isn’t true, and it should be beyond the bounds of political debate to claim it."

So we should immediately pass a bonding bill that WILL create jobs, no matter what TeePaw and other ideologues claim.

Are we to take "on faith" that a tax cut might stimulate job creation, while ignoring the fact that an economic stimulus, in the form of a bonding bill, will actually cause job creation?

It is time for the remaining rational GOPers to join the DFL in overriding the ill-advised decisions of Governor Pawlenty. They are not in the best interests of the state and serve only to advance his presidential ambitions. Pawlenty's sins will be laid at the feet of the next GOP candidate for governor. So continued bad behavior by the GOP in the legislature is actually helping to elect a DFL governor. And of course the GOP faces the prospect of shrinking even further after people come to their senses and realize that the GOP in the legislature made Pawlenty's bad decisions stick.

You can't have it both ways folks. Vote yes on GAMC one day and no on an override veto later. This is simply dishonest. The people are not as stupid as you seem to assume. Nor are they as heartless...

I've voted for GOP candidates in the past and hope to in the future. But someone in that party needs to read the book Profiles in Courage.

Fiscal responsibility actually means something and it isn't Do Nothing - which seems to be the present GOP gospel.

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