Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The GAMC 38

GOP House Members Who Voted

for GAMC

Jim Abeler
Paul Anderson
Sarah Anderson
Michael Beard
Laura Brod
Tony Cornish
Greg Davids
Matt Dean
Randy Demmer
Bob Dettmer
Connie Doepke
Keith Downey
Rob Eastlund
Pat Garofalo
Steve Gottwalt
Bob Gunther
Rod Hamilton
Joe Hoppe
Larry Howes
Tim Kelly
Mary Kiffmeyer
Morrie Lanning
Jennifer Loon
Tara Mack
Doug Magnus
Carol McFarlane
Denny McNamara
Mark Murdoch
Bud Nornes
Joyce Peppin
Tim Sanders
Peggy Scott
Marty Seifert
Steve Smith
Paul Torkelson
Dean Urdahl
Torry Westrom
Kurt Zellers

Zellers and Seifert are most interesting.

Once the over-ride vote has been taken I'll revisit this issue. In the meanwhile, I'd suggest that these folks get hold of a copy of Profiles in Courage and read it. Except for Jim Abeler who has already proven that he is willing to do the right thing for citizens of the state despite political arm-twisting and thuggery.

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