Friday, February 12, 2010

Absurd Claims

and Idle Speculation

Applications up 10 percent to the University of Minnesota

(according to Provost Sullivan this is due to the improving academic reputation)

From the Strib:

Provost Thomas Sullivan told the Board of Regents on Friday that applications to the university system were up 10 percent over last year.

That's about 45,000 applications to the system and 36,000 applications to the Twin Cities campus alone.

Applications from Minnesota are up 6.4 percent while applications from outside the state are up 12 percent.

Sullivan says university officials are attributing the increase to what he called the improving academic reputation at the university

a) There is this thing called a recession, Provost Sullivan, and it is driving up applications to college everywhere.

b) Would that increase in out of state applications have anything to do with the fire-sale on out of state tuition that is going on in the neighborhood near you? Please see:

"On Maximizing Tuition Revenue at the University of Minnesota"

(Alternate title: "If you can't compete on quality, compete on price?")

c) Apparently students who are presently at the U don't buy into these supposed academic reputation improvements:

"As for commitment to quality education at an affordable cost? Meaningless drivel. The administration has flatly failed on its promises of excellence and affordability." Daily (13 Oct 2009)

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