Thursday, October 15, 2009

If you can't compete on quality, compete on price?

Maximizing Tuition Revenue

at the University of Minnesota?

Why the fire sale on out of state tuition
at the University of Minnesota?

Data from: BigTenTution (pdf):

The citation above lists in state and out of state tution for all of the BigTen schools. The U of M stands out (in fact we are number one) in having the smallest increment for out of state students. Why is this? Why is it that schools supposedly a lot lower down the pecking order (I am not sure they are) - Iowa, Purdue, and Indiana - can charge a helluva lot more and are still apparently attractive enough to out of state students?

I don't really believe that this strategy is an accident and in fact it is directed toward pushing the administration's strategic propaganda initiative and raising our numbers for the benefit of USNews...
Difference between in state and out of state tuition
--> Minnesota $3,990? ($4,000, actually)

Penn State 11,530
Ohio State 13,572
Illinois 14,142
Wisconsin 14,749
Iowa 15,374
Mich St 16,398
Purdue 16,480
Indiana 17,547
Michigan 23,763
You see, it is all about numbers.

USNews numbers to be specific

If we have the lowest out of state rates in the BigTen (and we do by far) then we can get more out of state applicants and cherry pick those with high ACTs or other desirable characteristics for bringing us up in the popularity polls. Meanwhile qualified Minnesota residents are being squeezed out...

Not nice (or right) Bob and Tom?

For further thoughts on the matter, please see: A medallion or a Yugo?

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