Friday, October 9, 2009

The Clock is Ticking

For background, please see last year's post on the THE world university rankings.

From that post:
Interested parties might want to check out the site to see how the University of Minnesota is doing with OurLeader's "ambitious aspirations to be one of the top three public research universities in the world [sic]." In one more year we are supposed to be halfway there. Where do you think we stand?

[Hint: Not even close...]
Well the 2009 rankings are now out, and the bad news is that we have done even worse than last year. And supposedly we are at the half way point in our leap to greatness.

THE 2009 Rankings

Times Higher Education Rankings - (2009)

[(number) is last year's rank]

19 Michigan (18)

32 UCLA (30)

39. Berkeley (36)

61 Wisconsin (55)

63 Illinois (71)

76 Texas (70)

76 UCSD (58)

78 North Carolina (102)

80 Washington (59)

86 Georgia Tech (83)

87 Purdue (99)

105 Minnesota (87)

50 top in engineering and IT: Berkeley, Georgia Tech, UCLA, Purdue, Michigan

50 top life sciences and biomedicine: Berkeley, UCSD, UCLA, Michigan, UC Davis, Washington, Wisconsin

50 top natural sciences: Berkeley, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, Illinois, UCSD, Texas, Michigan

50 top social sciences: Berkeley, UCLA, Michigan, UCSD, Wisconsin

50 top arts and humanities: Berkeley, UCLA, Michigan

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It would appear the paradigm's already been reset.