Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Brutally Honest Discussion at a University of Minnesota Faculty Senate Committee Meeting on Finance: Fast Shuffle Coming Up At the Fairview/University Interface?

For further information, please see post on Periodic Table, Too:

"Why is the current system not serving the academic mission? This is like trusting the people whose last rocket didn't reach the moon when they say this next one will -- why trust the rocket scientists who failed? Will this arrangement just be in place for the next dozen years and then will there be something new?"

What chunk is falling away from the University, Professor Konstan asked? As he reads the proposal, he said, AHC faculty who are not completely clinical will be University faculty, but a larger percentage of their time will go to the new health system than they would spend on UMP. He said he agreed with Professor Morrison that this proposal would carve off the viable part of the AHC and leave the rest hanging around the University's neck. He said he worries that the University will go down this path without articulating well what will happen--because that would generate opposition.

The role of this Committee is to ask where things are going so "we can shed light on it."

Ms Stahre said that this proposal has an ominous tone and may have much broader implications than just the clinical enterprise.

Ah, but this is the usual modus operandi of the Morrill Hall crowd:

1. Decide what you want to do. Make an org chart.

2. Hire a consulting firm to spin things your way.

3. Get everything ready, secretly, so that you can do it.

4. Spring it on everyone else at the last minute. They will react, scream and yell, or just give up in stunned silence. You can then set up a stacked committee of at least 75% administrators, if someone makes a fuss. Consultation problem solved!

5. See org chart in 1. Implement.

For examples of such strategy in action, see: University of Minnesota Graduate School, General College, AHC Reorganization...

[Would that the Morrill Hall crowd could act as fast on issues like conflict of interest and double dipping?]

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