Friday, June 19, 2009

Tom Rukavina - My Favorite Public Servant

Tom doesn't mince words. He has an iron range straightforwardness that appeals to someone who grew up in Pittsburgh/Braddock where the (steel) mills and (coal) mines lead to a certain, shall we say, indelicacy of expression...

So Tom is quoted in MinnPost:

A lot of unallotment
By Brian Lambert | Wednesday, June 17, 2009
The tumbrels rolled and Gov. Pawlenty manned the guillotine pretty much as promised. The Strib's Pat Lopez delivers that paper's breakdown of the governor's unprecedented unallotment plan, with several well-scripted quotes ...

The best, not too surprisingly, comes from Tom Rukavina. Lopez writes,

"Rukavina, DFL-Virginia, accused Pawlenty of 'lying through his teeth' about the true effect of his cuts. 'The governor is going after seniors, renters, the poor, disabled and mentally ill to pay for the budget deficit he created when he vetoed the Legislature's balanced budget. It might help protect his national conservative credentials, but it weakens the Minnesota we all value and cherish.'"

Yikes. Someone won't be getting invited over for burgers on the deck.
Don't worry, Tom. When you're in the Twin Cities you're always welcome to come over for burgers and beer on our deck.

ps. We don't serve chardonnay...

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