Monday, June 22, 2009

Mrs. Bonzo Scores!

The lovely and talented Mrs. Bonzo has written a book that has been published by Yale University Press:

The Cosmopolitan Interior

Liberalism and the British Home (1870 - 1914)

It is available at Amazon (link above).

As I like to tell my friends, if you want to know the relationship of John Stuart Mill to interior design, this is the book to buy.

From a review:

“… takes a detailed look at many important issues relating to the Victorian home, including health and sanitation, the contribution of women as taste-makers … through the wave of revulsion that greeted Art Nouveau, to the creation of a new anti-cosmopolitan view of the “British” home. The bibliography … is a testimony to the exhaustive investigations of the author.”

Charlotte Gere, Art Newspaper

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