Friday, June 26, 2009

Graduate Tuition at University of Minnesota

Thoughts of Regent Frobenius

(at recent Board of Regents meeting on the budget)

Unfortunately, there was no second and therefore no discussion.

This is sad.

I have often in the past seconded a motion that I oppose, simply to allow discussion.

From later remarks of the Regents I believe that many were sympathetic to Regent Frobenius. I also believe that in the upcoming year the University administration will be subjected to a little more scrutiny by the Regents than has been the case in recent times. Evidence for this opinion will be presented in further clips from the Regents meeting that I will put up when time is available.

Tomorrow I will be out of town - for a week - and there will be no further posts during that time.


For those interested in seeing the whole
unadulterated meeting, please see this link.

(you want the 6/24/09 video)

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