Sunday, September 23, 2007

September is the best month in ColdState...

Mr. B. is taking a little breather after the tense period of the AFSCME strike, two two-hour lectures per week, a bad bout with bronchitis, kvetch, kvetch, kvetch...

Momo is also exhausted and depressed and in need of self therapy. Thus, she has posted a nice picture of her cat, inspiring a post of the above picture taken by Mrs. Bonzo. Mr. B. discovered Momo's blog and likes it very much since she seems to be the appropriately left wing kind of person that Mr. B. admires.

Mrs. Bonzo has been complaining about lack of notice lately, but then again she is in the throes of finishing another book, something about John Stuart Mill and interior decorating [sic]. A project of many years that will, hopefully, be submitted for publication to YUP (Yale University Press) soon.

The Bonzos stepped out last night to see the preview of a pretty good play at the Guthrie by Brian Friel, "The Home Place." This will be its American premiere. It is directed by Joe Dowling, who ought to know how to do Irish plays. My current favorite local actress, Sarah Agnew, has a major part. The StarTribune has an article about the play, not a review, that appeared today. When the full review appears, I'll post selections and a link.

I'll wait until the final vote on the AFSCME strike has been tallied to make some comments about the strike, its aftermath, and future implications. Although I am sorry for the workers, this strike has helped to further clarify the position, goals, and values of the current BigU administration. The more scrutiny and questioning they receive, the better.

Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood and if Mr. B. does not do some porch painting today, Mrs. B. will kill him.



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