Saturday, September 15, 2007

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Rankings of Minnesota Hospitals (2007) in US News

Mr. B. loves Blogger, but unfortunately this system makes it difficult to insert tables. Therefore I place a link here to a downloadable pdf document posted on the Best of Bonzo site.

The good news is that the citizens of Minnesota have some pretty good places to go for healthcare. Some of them are the best in the US.

The bad news is that if you are BigU hospital the competition is pretty stiff. As can be seen, Abbott Northwestern is improving every year and now has eight specialties in the top fifty, following closely BigU's nine.

Other players are Hennepin County Medical Center, Children's Hospital of Minneapolis, and - kudos to them - St. Cloud Hospital!

The elephant in the operating room is of course Mayo. They are very close to the top medical operation in the country, scoring high in almost all specialties. Mr. B. notices while flying on planes the advertisements for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. That's great for them because they are basically the only game in town.

However, if you were to travel to Minnesota for medical care from out of town, how likely is it that you would go to BigU hospital rather than Mayo? There are actually a couple of programs at BigU where it would be wise to go to Minneapolis rather than Rochester. But for most things, Mayo wins. This makes it very difficult for BigU to compete for those out of town referrals that the big boys can use to fund their operations.

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