Friday, September 21, 2007

University of Minnesota General College Alum Norman Borlaug

From the Daily:

Nobel-winning alumnus feted

the father of the Green Revolution returned to his alma mater yesterday to be honored just a few hundred yards away from the hall bearing his name.

The plant pathology department honored Norman Borlaug for his outstanding work to cap off their three-day centennial celebration.

When Borlaug introduced a more productive wheat grain in the 1940s, he helped end famine in Pakistan and India, sparking the Green Revolution - a shift in agricultural practices that yielded significantly larger harvests.

Over a four-year span Borlaug and fellow scientists doubled the wheat production in Pakistan.

In 1970 Borlaug won the Nobel Peace Prize for his accomplishments.

From Wikipedia:

"Through a Depression-era program known as the National Youth Administration, he was able to enroll at the University of Minnesota in 1933. Initially, Borlaug failed the entrance exam, but was accepted to the school's newly created two-year General College. "

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