Sunday, April 24, 2011

University of Minnesota's Carl Elliott

Awarded Harvard Fellowship to 

Study Institutional Corruption

"The Network Fellowship is a new program connecting a cross-disciplinary group of scholars and practitioners around the world who are currently working independently on issues of institutional corruption as academic research projects or applied within their organizations."
"The purpose of the network is to connect these researchers and practitioners with each other to inspire new works of scholarship, and applications that are designed to solve problems of institutional corruption." 

This is a high tribute to Dr. Elliott's reputation in this area. Unfortunately, as is often the case, a prophet is without honor in his own land, as exchanges found on this blog amply illustrate, e.g. preceding post.

Congratulations to Dr. Elliott.  If we had more people like him at the University perhaps we would actually have a chance at being a top university?

Dr. Elliott's Research Topic: Corruption in Clinical Trials


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