Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This is the fourth recent debate over academic freedom at the U.
In addition to the two mentioned, there was the gaffe in which a U administrator tried to suppress the airing of a film about agribusiness and river quality.
The other is not public--I was working on torture in Abu Ghraib. I had mentioned that one of the interrogators was working for a contracted Security Firm. The firm wrote to the U president threatening legal action. I sent my documentation to the president who informed me that it was not needed and that he ignored the firm's letter as an infringement on academic freedom.
The U is a place for academic freedom.
If a party who is at the U believes that they are libeled or defamed, there are civil court standards and procedures for making such a claim.
An aggrieved party should not low-ball the effort by using a U committee.
Steven Miles, Professor of Medicine

Emphasis mine.

Professor Miles is a bioethicist of high repute. 


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