Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why can't a woman, be more like a man?

The University’s athletics department has been sued by former golf coach Katie Brenny. What sort of internal investigation is being conducted, and how do you think the incident reflects on the athletics department?

I was saddened to see this development. I can’t comment on the case at hand specifically, but I can assure you there’s been a very strong internal assessment, and we’ll try and learn from this experience and do everything we can to make sure similar circumstances don’t occur in the future.

Two words: Jimmy Williams

I don’t have an opinion on the facts right now because it’s still very much in discussion and negotiation, but it always saddens me when things don’t work out.

You could have solved this problem in a day and saved the U a lot of bad PR.   

It's called leadership, Bob.

I’m very hopeful hat we’ll resolve this difference and move forward and learn from it.

The present Morill Hall Gang has proven incapable of learning from such horrible decisions. Hopefully the next administration will do a much better job and the U will not be left twisting in the wind for so long.  This was totally unnecessary. 

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