Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Clueless in Morrill Hall 


From the Pioneer-Press:

Starting Tuesday in the legislative session, the $6.2B deficit will dominate the show.

Minnesota Republicans insisted throughout the 2010 campaign that they could erase a projected $6.2 billion deficit in the state budget without increasing taxes.
"We're going to live within our means," House Speaker-designate Kurt Zellers, R-Maple Grove, said repeatedly.

Now he and his fellow Republicans, who won control of both houses of the Legislature in November, are going to get a chance to prove it.

Republican leaders suggested [new governorn Dayton's] tax increases would be dead on arrival in the Legislature.

"We are not interested in raising taxes," said Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch, R-Buffalo. 

One thing is certain: The new state leaders must balance the budget. The Minnesota Constitution requires it. 

Minnesota's two higher-education systems want more money from the state over the next two years. [sic]

The University of Minnesota will request $642 million a year, and the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system is asking for $630 million a year.

That would mean an additional $100 million for the U, which plans to use the money to restore faculty positions, shore up student aid and keep up with rising costs. MnSCU officials say a nearly $50 million increase would help hold down tuition increases and provide up-to-date job skills to more Minnesotans.

Noting that 302 MnSCU administrators are paid more than the governor's $120,000 salary, Dayton said he wants to revamp the way both higher-education systems are administered.  

Simply put: It is irresponsible and foolish for the Morrill Hall Gang at the University of Minnesota to ask for more money under these circumstances. 

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