Monday, January 3, 2011

University of Minnesota 

Regents Policy

Academic Freedom

[Emphasis mine]

Academic freedom is the freedom to discuss all relevant matters in the classroom, to explore all avenues of scholarship, research, and creative expression, and to speak or write without institutional discipline or restraint on matters of public concern as well as on matters related to professional duties and the functioning of the University.  (June 12, 2009)

Occasionally readers of this blog, or the Periodic Table, Too, or Community Voices, or Brainstorm, or Twitter seem to feel that somehow my commentaries are inappropriate, e.g.

"Perhaps you have too much time on your hands if you have the time to write an article for the Strib? Perhaps you should be using your time in upgrading the education that you give your students."

Actually, I consider it to be part of my job as a faculty member and alum to speak out about what is happening at my university in order to increase public awareness about current priorities and events at the University of Minnesota.  Hopefully this awareness will lead to improvements and priority changes at our university.

This post will save time in the future by providing a convenient link for critics who don't seem to understand the concept of academic freedom.  


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