Thursday, May 20, 2010

University of Minnesota right up there

with Harvard, Stanford, Emory, Wash U...

(Unfortunately, it isn't for anything good)

Merrill Goozner writes a great blog about health care issues. Highly recommended. He is also on twitter, e.g.

GoozNews New post: Conflicts of Interest at NIH? Read the Clips

Conflicts of Interest and NIH? Read the Clips

Dr. Francis Collins is about to release new conflict of interest rules for researchers funded by the National Institutes of Health. Sen. Charles Grassley's office has put out a compendium of news stories on the subject over the past two years. Most of the targets of the senator's investigations involved psychiatrists at major teaching hospitals. However, in the past year, orthopedic surgeons have increasingly been on his radar screen. Have a look:

Dr. David Polly, Professor and Chief of the Spine Service, University of Minnesota

-Snowbeck, Christopher, U surgeon's fees face new scrutiny from payer, 31 Jul 2009.

-Interview with Dr. Polly on Minnesota Public Radio, 31 Jul 2009.

-Star Tribune Editorial, "U Should Lead On Conflicts of Interest" Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune, 15 Aug 2009.

-Meier, Barry, "2nd Medronic Consultant Draws Senate Scrutiny," New York Times, 29 Jul 2009

-Armstrong, David and Burton, Thomas M., "Spine Surgeon Didn't Disclose Medtronic Pay in Testimony," Wall Street Journal, 29 Jul 2009.

__________General Stories:

-Guess, Andy, "Researchers' Financial Disclosures in the Spotlight" Inside Higher Ed, 12 June 2008.

-Andrews, Wyatt, "Doctors Under the Influence?" CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, 26 June 2008. Nov 2008.

-Guess, Andy, "Accepting More Federal Oversight" Inside Higher Ed, 9 July 2008.

-Carey, Benedict and Harris, Gardiner, "Psychiatric Group Faces Scrutiny Over Drug Industry Ties" The New York Times, 12 July 2008.

-Firestone, Chaz and Kelsh, Chaz "Senator targets professor's ties to big pharma" Brown Daily Herald, 23 Sept 2008.

-Grant, Bob "Should Conflicts Mean No NIH Grant?" The, 29 Sept 2008.

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____________Editorials and Op-Eds:

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-Angell, Marcia, "Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption" The New York Review of Books, 15 Jan 2009.

-"Drug firms' manufactured buzz," Boston Globe Editorial, 25 Aug 2009.

About Gooze, from his blog:

MERRILL GOOZNER spent more than 25 years in the news business as a foreign correspondent, economics writer and investigative reporter for the Chicago Tribune and other publications. He reported from over a dozen countries while posted in Chicago, Tokyo, New York and Washington. His jobs included Chief Asia Correspondent (1991-95), New York Financial Correspondent (1996-1998) and Chief Economics Correspondent (1998-2000).

Like Benjamin Franklin, he spent his early years in the business in the printing trade. His freelance writing in recent years has appeared in numerous national publications including the New York Times, Washington Post, The Scientist, Columbia Journalism Review, The Nation, The American Prospect and the Washington Monthly. He’s won six Peter Lisagor awards; a Michigan Journalism Fellowship (1995-96); and a Kaiser Media Fellowship (2001-02), and in 2008 was named a Distinguished Alumni of the University of Cincinnati College of Arts and Sciences.

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