Thursday, May 27, 2010

And so it goes...

(or, it's the people, stupid!)

(I am a huge fan of Vonnegut)

From the University of Minnesota Daily:

So Professor Morozowski goes..

Dan Mrozowski, the affable English lecturer, is not replaceable, though he is leaving the University.

On May 6 in American Literature II, our professor, Dan Mrozowski, told us it was the last time he’d be teaching a course at the University of Minnesota. This is one of the large lecture classes, with more than 120 students, and sounds of dismay swept the room with the news. In keeping with his teaching ethic, however, he did not leave us with a low note.

He finished that last lecture on Kurt Vonnegut’s, “Slaughterhouse Five” emphasizing Vonnegut’s point that literature — and art — are ways to resist the forces that keep on destroying, the forces Vonnegut represents in the novel with the repeated phrase of resignation: “So it goes.” And then he told us all a personal story that we asked him to tell. Students clapped and laughed. He left us as he always has, inspired and informed.

Dan Mrozowski is one of the most beloved professors in the English Department. In the short time he’s been at the University, he’s become a legend for his passionate, thoroughly informative and amazing lectures.

We know he accepted another job teaching in another state, but of course, as students, we are infantilized by the University and kept out of any say-so or even transparency in the hiring processes relating to our professors. It is, it seems, none of our business. We are merely here to pay tuition and accept whatever education the University decides to dole out to us. They have never asked us which professors they should make permanent. No doubt, if they cared to, they would find that the vast majority of students in the English Department, as well as some other departments, would give a resounding, “Yes!” to hiring Mrozowski.

At this point, it is too late, but if the administrators were truly committed to democratic education and the well-being of their students, they would not have let this happen. And they would do everything in their power to stop it now. I have no doubt that the administration is continuing the same policies for students in other departments — letting go of the professors those we need most. They seem to think our professors are all replaceable.

And so it goes...

Lucy Saliger, University undergraduate student

[Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the U faces a 1.2 million dollar legal settlement, together with a large legal bill, for further stupidity at the advice of our ace General Counsel who would be better advised to cut our losses rather than appeal. (That would be the Jimmy Williams mess.) But of course it is our nickel, ultimately, that will be spent - not his. ]

From the Strib:
The jury awarded $1.25 million to the former coach; the U of M said it will fight the "unjustified verdict.

And so it goes...


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