Saturday, August 15, 2009

Spam - and other stuff - on the University of Minnesota Daily's comments board

There's been a kind of backlash in the Twin Cities media lately over the general quality of comments on web sites related to the news. Some examples may be found on the Star-Tribune and the Pioneer Planet as well as our beloved Minnesota Daily.

Joel Kramer, of MinnPost, had a nice article about the policy at his shop, a good one that everyone should emulate.

"MinnPost and the Art of Civil Comment"

A recent onslaught of anonymous attacks has shown up on the Daily site. As an example, I was called a racist by some moron because I complained about Chinese and Arabic spam...

The good folks at the Daily have recently done tootsie roll patrol on the site. [This is what my neph calls cleaning up after his German shepherds.] But I note again this morning that 9/10 comments are spam. The birthers appear not to have visited, however.

Rumors are coming from the Daily office that some sort of new rules for posting will be in effect this Fall. Unsurprisingly, the Daily will probably get this problem fixed a helluva lot faster than the Morrill Hall & Children's Rehab folks operate. Can anyone say conflict-of-interest reform?

Have a nice weekend.

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