Monday, August 3, 2009


on COI Foot Dragging
and the Polly Situation

at the University of Minnesota

I am a big fan of Twitter. Facebook? Not so much.

To demonstrate the usefulness of Twitter, I retweet (RT) posts relevant to current foot-dragging on COI at the U and the Polly situation:

Polly Want a Million (Plus) "A good chunk of this money went to support marketing, advocacy, and lobbying." #UMN

M. Soltan (GWU English prof) post: "Polly-Acquisitive Disorder" Set foot in my OR, buster, that’ll cost you $2K! #UMN

RT @garyschwitzer Travel, meals, all in spine surgeon's $4,000-a-day work {"COI conversation is heating up a bit"} #UMN

Star-Tribune: Travel, meals all in a $4,000 day's work Moore [sic] on #UMN doc Polly...

Amid investigations, Medtronic hires a new top lawyer #UMN "to help craft new standards of transparency"

Dr. Polly would have been delighted to disclose... #UMN (but later refused to do so)

"..I would have been delighted to disclose." #UMN Dr. Polly on MPR Testify tomorrow? Would do things differently.

RT @matthewcw When do we start referring to #UMN med school as "scandal ridden" and will even that be enough to cause change?

Medtronic’s new lawyer to focus on ‘transparency’ - Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal: #UMN

UD rewrites Jolly Old Saint Nicholas: Jolly Old St. Polly #UMN

RT @garyschwitzer Surgeon's fees: $2000 for dinner, $900 for conference call. Story: priceless. : Pioneer Press #UMN

#UMN surgeon's fees face new scrutiny — from Medtronic Sounds like investment banker - not like someone in medicine?

Dr. Cerra: "I like short time lines because it promotes focus." Except for conflict of interest guidelines at #UMN?

Dr. Cerra responds to questions about foot dragging at #UMN on COI and the Polly situation short video clip

Health Care Renewal: Polly Want a Million (Plus) #UMN

Do we need a shot clock on conflict of interest policy deliberations? - Schwitzer health news blog

Infuse Bone Graft Researcher Failed to Tell Senate Committee He was Paid by Medtronic During 2006 Testimony #UMN

RT @garyschwitzer More conflict of interest issues for #UMN med school to address: The Wall Street Journal reports

What a Doctor Did That Was Worth $1 Million to Medtronic - Health Blog - WSJ #UMN

Margaret Soltan - English Prof at GWU - posts on latest COI problems at #UMN "Along Came Polly" 2nd try on #UMN

#UMN doc spends minute on wake up call to Medtronic official - for free! From the WSJ - a wakeup call for U leaders?

Further Consequences of Footdragging - We Make the New York Times #UMN

Dr. David Polly - On Grassley's Hit List Could we finally do something about COI at #UMN? What is it going to take?

First, Do No Harm But Only If My Ox Is Being Gored. #UMN likes no harm meme for light rail, medical COI, not so much...

RT @thinkshrink AMSA - #UMN med school has not even responded to COI issues {?"they have provided material for review."}

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