Thursday, August 13, 2009

Penny Wise, but Pound Foolish

Eventually, when the U has managed to alienate enough people, maybe this kind of behavior will stop? Probably not...

From the Strib:


Long Time Patron Finds It Unfair

On Saturday, we received notice that three parking lots at the University of Minnesota will be designated preferred parking to the tune of $225 per vehicle for Gopher hockey.

This is outrageous and, frankly, discriminatory. They are telling me that I'm good enough to spend the $1,200 for two season tickets, but not good enough to park in the lot that I have been for the last six years or so. Why? The lot that I park in was doubled in size for football parking last year. It's never filled for hockey.

The university refuses to explain this change in policy. I'm sure that some people will pay this, but it's my fervent hope that the university will find these preferred lots empty.


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