Monday, October 31, 2011

Concerned Faculty Member at University of Minnesota 

Dental School Comments


The information in the article is unfortunate, but true. 
Concerns were  registered with the University administration during Lloyd's Dean's  review, but nothing happened. 
The fact is that the University administration cared more about the fact that he could raise money and railroad through initiatives than whether he could effectively engage the faculty and staff or create a healthy, collegial working environment that could capitalize on the strengths of all of the faculty and staff rather than just his chosen few yes-people. 
When he left, the faculty sent a loud and clear message to the University administration that better collaborative leadership and communication was seriously needed, and the University responded by appointing the least capable candidate, who in only a few weeks showed that she could not communicate with the faculty or even understand basic University policies and procedures. 
When people raise objections about the poor leadership of a public-service organization and no one listens, why is anyone surprised that it winds up in the news media?

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