Friday, October 7, 2011

Chickens, Coming Home to Roost...

From the Higher Ed Reporter Alex Friedrich's tweet stream on 10/7/11:

Introducing Howard Bunsis, AAUP officer and prof in accounting at Eastern Michigan U
Bunsis: has third-highest in-state tuition among peers, but among lowest for out-of-state students.
Bunsis: retention numbers are already good -- and very hard to move
Bunsis: Magnitude of state cuts to -- not debilitating.
Bunsis: tuition needn't increase as it is. Cuts should be made to growing admin to control costs.
Bunsis: Disturbing that instruction part of budget went from 26% in 2006 to 23.2 % in 2010. That should never go down.
Bunsis: Many univ. support services that seem tied to instruction are actually admin. If differs, it needs to fully explain how.
Bunsis: Instructional salaries less than 20% of total budget.
Bunsis: has highest % admin spending among peers, but instruct. spending third to last.
Bunsis: Faculty salaries and benefits make up 8.9% of budget at

Bensis: The attitude of OMG about the financial situation needs to "chill out."
Bunsis: Furloughs, pay cuts were more a political need than a financial one. needed to demonstrate to leg. that it's sharing the pain.

finance chief disagrees with Bunsis' use of numbers. Says he inflates admin costs by including those like advisers, libraries, etc.
Fin chief won't say whether he agrees or disagrees with Bunsis' statement that furloughs, pay cuts were political, not fin need.

The U has a big PR problem (again).  Time to get into Morrill Hall and out of Dairy Queens? But I guess a man's gotta eat... Lunch at Big Ten?

No doubt more to come on the final report of Howard Bunsis when it becomes available. 


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