Friday, September 10, 2010

Under a "condition of financial stringency"

the University of Minnesota pours more

sand down the Driven to Discover Rathole

From the Faculty for the Renewal of Public Educaton - Reclaim the University of Minnesota - site:

Driven to Distraction

FRPE has long been critical of the U's Driven to Discover PR campaign. Wasteful in good times, spending obscene amounts of money on a PR campaign borders on criminal when deep cuts are being made to instructional budgets. It perfectly illustrates the misplaced priorities of our leadership. STRIB reporter Jenna Ross attended this month's Regents meeting and Tweeted that "U of M will restart 'Driven to Discover' TV ads Sept. 27. Survey presenters warning that when that campaign stopped, public opinion dropped."

Looks like this will be the ad (warning: grab a bucket first because watching it will make you sick to your stomach):

How much was spent on creating this 3 minutes of baloney? And how much more will be flushed down the toilet on the television campaign?

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