Sunday, September 12, 2010

Succession Problems at the University of Minnesota

"If we upset Southern California, people will quickly forget this game," Bruininks said."That's a tall order, but I think we can do it." 9/11/2010

"Starting in 2004, the University began the first comprehensive strategic planning process it had undergone in almost 15 years. Under the leadership of Provost Sullivan, the University community articulated an ambitious aspiration for the University—to be one of the top three public research universities in the world [sic] within a decade."

"Serving Minnesota Through World Class Greatness"

Which is more delusional?

The latest mess at the House that Bob Built (aka TCF stadium or the House of Pain) concerns firing Coach Brewster now or later. In either case the AD, Joel Maturi, would presumably do the search for a new coach.

[I suppose the President could fire Maturi, but then HE'D have to come up with a new AD and PresB is what is delicately referred to as a lame duck. Full disclosure: Overall Maturi has done a good job n my opinion.]

So, let's see. Maturi picks a new coach, and a new President comes in and he wants his own AD. Good-bye Joel, your contract is up. New AD did not pick football coach...

I think the problem is obvious and could have been prevented if there were any stray brain cells running around in Morril Hall.

Which brings me to an even bigger problem - the U of M presidential search which has all the earmarks of a disaster. How long did the BoRe know that the prez was going to be gone? And when did they start the search? And how likely is it that they can come up with a good candidate from outside? And was this maybe the idea?

Looks like we'll have to pick another insider again. The leading apparent inside candidate would be a disaster. There are others further down the pecking order who MIGHT do a decent job, but unfortunately the overwhelming number of possibles below the provost level would also be disasters.

Looks good for neither Gopher athletics nor Gopher academics...


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