Sunday, December 14, 2008


Is that Ojibwe for: "Let them eat cake?"

From the Star-Tribune:

The University of Minnesota has requested an additional $74.5 million from the Legislature.

On Friday, the board unanimously approved its capital request, which has two parts:

• $39.5 million for construction of a new Bell Museum of Natural History on the St. Paul campus

• $35 million for "critical" repair and renovation projects

"I do question whether or not we need to proceed at this time with the Bell Museum," said Regent David Larson before voting yes.

U President Robert Bruininks answered: "If this building was called Bell Hall, I doubt we would have very much discussion about it," emphasizing the museum's role in science education.

I wonder what would happen

if the building were called

Folwell Hall, Bob?

Comments were predictably unkind, such as:


No No No. A thousand times no.

Hit up the drinkers at the new Stadium

You will be able locate the rich by looking for anyone drinking. Only the Rich in the expensive suites can drink a beer. That is where you can find your money.


How dare these people come crawling for more money during this economic downturn. Time to tighten the belts at the U and live with the millions you already get.

re: How dare these people come crawling for more money

Hopefully the Regents realize, and the legislature confirms, that it's the wrong time to ask for more money. As valuable as the Bell Museum (Fabulous place that someday will be much more!)and other projects might be, we gotta just say "no, Bob". I think the Regents are looking at it as just getting one more "no" out of the way before sometime in the future the legislature will get worn down and say "yes".

Greed and Arrogance

If - and that's a big if - worthwhile construction projects cannot be found elsewhere, then the HEAPR funds might be arguable as a sort of public works project. The Bell simply is not needed at this time. There were pitiful wails about science, science education and the "children" being bussed in. Have you not heard of the Science Museum of Minnesota, folks? Unfortunately, asking for this much money in these circumstances sends the wrong message. Apparently the U (administration) thinks that the world revolves around them. They are more important than MNSCU, than K-12 education, than state and local government, than children's health. All of these folks are going to take serious hits and the U is asking for a funding increase of more than 200 million dollars. What planet are you folks living on? I don't think so.


Considering tuition alone is nearing $10k a year for residents, this is a joke. I'd rather see them asking for $75million to lower the students costs than to build another building.

Educational Institute

You'd think that people of a higher education institution would at least understand the word "Deficit". It's obvious that they understand "Guts".

Are "U" Crazy!

The University of Minnesota must be banking on the fact that with our enormous deficit, 74.5 million is mere chump change. If they get any money...we're the chumps.


one word for these morons: Clueless


The arrogance of Bruininks and the Regents is unbelievable; especially in times like these. Well, they are about to get a dose of reality.

The Regents are confused

A valid argument can be made for expanded infrastructure spending during a severe economic downturn. e.g. WPA. But that funding cannot come from a level of government, such as the state, that is mandated to have a balanced budget. The Regents are delusional.

"Ski-U-Mah" = Let them eat cake

Selfish and Inconsiderate

When I was part of the University, they taught Economics. Last week the Governor predicted a $6 BILLION shortfall for the state and the talk about cuts in social programs and everything else started. I am totally amazed that President Bruininks and the Regents have the arrogance to INCREASE their budget request during these troubled times.

Are you kidding me?

No! I'm shocked by the request! No! No! No!

Alumni dialing for $ call

Just received my semi-annual call for $ from our "wonderful" politically biased, only interested in research (and not true learning), too invested in pro-sports type collegiate athletics, fiscally irresponsible U of M. Gave the poor undergrad who volunteered to do this call a full layout of the scam that the U of M has going and that it all gravy trains...will end.

Why don't you ask your corporate skybox people to pay

Why don't you ask your corporate skybox people that you give preferential treatment and booze to donate the money!

They should have......

thought about the "critical" repairs before they unnecessarily built that worthless stadium... I believe also that the "U" needs to look at replacing some folks at the top who come up with these crazy ideas.

There's plenty more where that came from - a total of 70 comments so far, and I have only put the reasonably polite ones here.

This situation is a public relations nightmare. The Regents and the Administration really need to think seriously about how they are going to be perceived by the taxpayers when they make these foolish requests.

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