Monday, December 1, 2008

First the gravy,

then the mashed potatoes

and lots of free range turkeys...

In keeping with our recent holiday:

The administration's strategy in the recent past has been to first ask for the gravy (the stadium, the Bell, new biomedical research buildings) in the belief that when they later ask for the mashed potatoes (Folwell renovation, HEAPR money) the legislature will be unable to say no.

This strategy has become a little too obvious lately. Especially since OurLeaders seem to be able to foot the 70 million dollar bill for the so-called Northrup renovation without subjecting this boondoggle to public scrutiny. We can come up with this kind of dough, but don't have enough money for a half-time faculty ombudsman? Priorities remain in need of chiropractic.

Please pass the potatoes first ths time, President Bruininks.

From the Daily:

A request of about $26 million for the construction for a new Bell Museum is one of the main items the University will be requesting from the Legislature this session, Vice President of University Services Kathleen O’Brien said.

“There’s going to be some tough financial decisions to be made this session,” [State Legislator Tom] Rukavina said. “I think everything is back on the table, even the bonding proposals that have been passed.”

Rukavina said his major concerns going into the session are getting funding for repairs of Folwell Hall and working with the University so tuition doesn’t spike too high.

[State Senator Sandra] Pappas is a proponent of repairing existing facilities at universities, not necessarily building new ones, when the state’s economy is under duress.

“If they want money for the Bell Museum, I don’t know how that will fair [sic],” Pappas said. “I think it’s more likely that we would give repair or replacement dollars.”

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