Friday, June 20, 2008

Goldy Gets Cold Feet

Or, Goldy Saved From Humiliation By Victoria's Secret?

The USpinDoctors are busy backpedaling this week.

From the Strib:

Next month, the University of Minnesota mascot will appear in Victoria's Secret stores, adorning hoodies, T-shirts and panties in the chain's Pink collection of lounge wear for young women.
The lingerie chain, which has been trying to broaden its appeal as it struggles with declining sales, will carry merchandise from 33 universities as part of a licensing deal announced this week.
Big Ten rivals Wisconsin, Michigan and Penn State also made the cut -- but not Ohio State, even though Victoria's Secret is based in Columbus, Ohio. Leslie Wexner, CEO of the chain's parent company, Limited Brands Inc., serves on Ohio State University's board of trustees, and the school wanted to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest.
Some comments:

So it's come to this......

You've gotta be kidding...

Is the "red menace" really that hard up for money? I mean, first "choice seating" for football (soon to be expanded to hockey) and now this. I wonder if Victoria struck a deal with Oregon State?


This came about because the FTD deal fell through.

Apparently Goldy is allergic to roses. (rimshot) Here's to two wins in '08.
But never fear, Goldy got cold feet. Coke is OK, Pepsi is OK, TCF is OK, but apparently not Victoria's Secret?

It's nice to know that alcohol, tobacco, and (some) underwear are on the very short no corporate sponsorship list.

From The Daily:

University Associate Athletics Director Tom Wistrcill said the school notified the company that the clothing line was not in step with the University's values [!] and focus.

However, a press release sent out this week by Victoria's Secret had the University listed as one of its 33 schools involved in the line.

"Quite frankly, the press release and the attention it received caught us completely by surprise," Wistrcill said.

The University turns down about 20 out of every 50 licensing requests "right off the bat," Wistrcill said - as those often involve alcohol-related products.

Those decisions are made as a cooperative effort between athletics officials and university relations, he said.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is listed as a school involved with the line, and the school's trademark licensing director Cindy Van Matre said that's still the plan.

The school usually approves tasteful trademark requests, and has approved ones similar to the Victoria's Secret line before, she said.

"Those types of (loungewear) products we license several other companies to produce several products," Van Matre said.
Goldy Gopher could not be contacted by Mr. B. for comments. Our androgynous rodent was last seen trudging toward MoreU Park trying to whip up enthusiasm amongst the masses.

"Raise that tuition, dig that gravel, buy that Coke, sell that soul..." But apparently not to Victoria.


Anonymous said...

Mr. B,

I'm puzzled. What exactly is wrong with putting Goldy on a little lingerie? This is loungewear, meant to stay on all evening or overnight. It strikes me as no less tasteful than the usual way of hawking Mr. (or Ms.) Gopher.

Best wishes,

Mr. B. said...

Absolutely nothing is wrong with Goldy being on VS stuff, Slugger.

In fact I think it is kind of funny that the Athletics Department would get so pompous over this by saying that it is
not in step with the University's values.

They've done a lot worse things in my opinion.

My prediction is that eventually they will cave and Goldy will be right there on VS gear, along with Harvard, Michigan, Wisconsin...

And when this happens, I will personally buy Mrs. Bonzo some Goldy underwear - promise!

Best wishes,