Monday, June 9, 2008

Dosing Toddlers With Anti-Psychotics?

Our favorite blogger, UD, has been on a toot lately - beating on Harvard for its sins, especially the accumulation of a huge war chest (= endowment) apparently just so it could say: "Mine is bigger than yours."

So today when she reported that a couple of the psychiatrists at Harvard had been taking money from drug companies without being entirely candid about where it came from or how much it was, this was not a big surprise.

Non-doc types have been double dipping here and at Georgia Tech.
As Gordon Gecko famously said, greed is good.

But the full horror of the situat
ion is now starting to sink in. This is Harvard. We all want to emulate Harvard, don't we?

(Not UD, not Mr. B.)

Why I bet what they do there is considered to be, in classic administrative double speak, a best practice.

But dosing toddlers with anti-psychotics?

Or as UD puts it:

“Biederman further claimed he could diagnose manic depression in children as young as 3.”

As the Harvard drugs-for-three-year-olds scandal explodes in the American and foreign press, it’s clear that people have for years been worried about Joseph Biederman dosing toddlers with anti-psychotics.

In any less pill-addicted culture, the cruelty of this man’s behavior would have been obvious to everyone."


Maybe competing with Harvard isn't such a great idea after all, Frank?

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