Thursday, May 8, 2008

It's About Time!

The Unvarnished Gall of the BigU Administration

Student Gouging Is Too Much for Board of Regents

From MPR
St. Paul, Minn. — A University of Minnesota Board of Regents panel shot down a proposal to impose a new $100 student fee to pay for campus construction projects.

The regents' Finance and Operations Committee sent the proposal back to the university administration saying officials should reconsider whether it's the right time to impose a new student fee.

Regent John Frobenius said making students pony up construction money after the University secured hundreds of millions of dollars in state money for building projects sends the wrong message.

"To follow up the year the legislature gave us the largest bonding bill we've probably ever seen in the history of the university, we tack on a capital fee for our students, doesn't make any political sense at all," Frobenius said.

The student fee proposal surfaced during a discussion of the coming university budget, which includes either a 7.5 percent or 9.5 percent tuition increase depending on the outcome of budget talks at the legislature.

Students already pay a $1,000 student fee, plus a $50 a year fee to cover construction of the Gopher stadium.

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momo said...

YES! I am particularly galled by that $50 fee for the stadium because an earlier cohort of students was charged for fee for pulling down the old one!