Thursday, August 30, 2007

Honor Roll – Best Hospitals (2007)

Those rankers at US News are at it again. Not only have they annoyed a lot of college and university presidents, they probably annoy many hospital administrators. These seem to have been cajoled into cooperation by the fact that getting a single specialty ranked in the top fifty allows them to claim that they are one of the top hospitals. The next post will discuss ways to game the system.

But for now, a list of the strongest hospitals follows. To achieve this rating a hospital must be very strong in a large number of specialties. Certainly the hospitals in this list are outstanding institutions and Minnesotans should be proud that the Mayo Clinic is, in fact, worthy of its reputation. Five of the eighteen are public university related hospitals. This is also very encouraging. As an old Pittsbugher, whose first scientific job was at Pitt, Mr. B. is very proud of Pitt being on the list.

There will be two further posts on the US News 2007 rankings. Part I will compare the performance of Minnesota hospitals judged to be noteworthy: Mayo Clinic, University of Minnesota, Abbot-Northwestern, Childrens Hospital of Minneapolis, Hennepin County Medical Center, and St. Cloud Hospital. Part II will chart the performance of the University of Minnesota hospital over the last three years.

Ciao, Bonzo

1 Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore
30 points in 15 specialties

2 Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.
29 points in 15 specialties

3 UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles
25 points in 15 specialties

4 Cleveland Clinic
25 points in 13 specialties

5 Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston
23 points in 12 specialties

6 New York-Presbyterian Univ. Hosp. of Columbia and Cornell
21 points in 11 specialties

7 Duke University Medical Center, Durham, N.C.
18 points in 10 specialties

7 University of California, San Francisco Medical Center
18 points in 10 specialties

9 Barnes-Jewish Hospital/Washington University, St. Louis
17 points in 11 specialties

10 Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston
16 points in 10 specialties

11 University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle
15 points in 9 specialties

12 Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
11 points in 8 specialties

13 University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
10 points in 7 specialties

14 University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers, Ann Arbor
9 points in 7 specialties

15 Stanford Hospital and Clinics, Stanford, Calif.
8 points in 6 specialties

15 Yale-New Haven Hospital, New Haven, Conn.
8 points in 6 specialties

17 Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles
7 points in 6 specialties

17 University of Chicago Medical Center
7 points in 6 specialties

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