Thursday, August 2, 2007

Bridge Down in GemCities

Mr. B. was out trying to find a hose repair kit yesterday evening when he saw tv coverage of a bridge collapse. He could very well have been on that bridge as it is on the route to his fav', the Ho (that would be Home Depot). But fortunately he picked the other place in town, Menards.

A link is provided to the Strib story on the bridge collapse, in case you have not seen it on the news, CNN, etc.

According to the latest update of this story, there are four dead, sixty injured, and twenty missing. It is likely that many of the missing are dead, since numerous cars went into the river.

The Strib also reports that the bridge was rated "structurally deficient" in 2005 by the US Department of Transportation. About 100,000 cars use the bridge per day.

Mrs. Bonzo is in England doing research. There have been numerous emails and phone calls to the Bonzo residence about this accident, resulting in this post to let people know that the Bonzos are ok.

Ciao, Bonzo