Thursday, June 21, 2007


(with apologies to the late Ray Charles)

A rather strange exhortation has recently been sent to members of the Academic Health Center at BigU:

AHC News Capsules

June 21, 2007

NEWS CAPSULES is a biweekly newsletter for faculty, staff, and students of the Academic Health Center.

This month we’ve celebrated a number of transitions within our Academic Health Center community and that always provides an opportunity for reflection on the predictable cycle of human transitions. As people arrive at the University, there’s a period of adjustment as new questions challenge old assumptions of the way we operate. That’s healthy and of great benefit to those of us who must articulate once more why we do what we do in the way we do it. Over time, those new colleagues become imbued with the culture of this university, and develop into true assets with their expertise and developed connections. And then, people leave and with them go a piece of experience and history that is never quite replaced before the cycle begins again. The true challenge for all of us who remain is to continually challenge our assumptions and work to “think new” as engage [sic] within the culture of the U.

Frank B. Cerra, M.D.
Sr. Vice President for Health Sciences