Wednesday, June 6, 2007

And you think Mr. Bonzo is hard on BigU...

Mr. B. has previously mentioned Ms. Sturdevant's column.

Apparently Will Shapira had a few problems with it too.

From the Minnesota Daily:

Academics first

Lori Sturdevant's column in the June 3 Star Tribune and President Bruininks' lame performance on "Almanac" Friday night reinforce my belief that he, his rubber-stamp Board of Regents, and a largely misguided legislature and governor have no sense of priorities for Minnesota and Minnesotans.

How can so many of them put a needless half-billion dollar football stadium ahead of a biosciences capability and other vital academic projects?

If Bruininks would have lobbied half as hard for biosciences as he did for jockdom, it might have happened.

Minnesota used to be the Brainpower State. Now it seems to be the Brain-dead State, thanks in large part to these ill-informed, wasteful public officials.

We need some new blood in these positions and the sooner, the better. That would be biosciences at its best.

Will Shapira
University alumnus

I'm not sure he really understands the biosciences situation, but otherwise I am pretty much in agreement.