Thursday, March 29, 2007

Second Stem Cell Inquiry Slated at BigU

This just in from the NewScientist website:

Inquiry into prominent stem-cell research underway

* 31 March 2007
* From New Scientist Print Edition.

FOLLOWING concerns raised by New Scientist, the University of Minnesota has launched an inquiry into some prominent stem cell research.

Last week, we revealed that three images from a paper on adult stem cells in the journal Blood were apparently used to describe different results in a US patent (New Scientist, 24 March, p 12). One of those images also seemed to be used twice, in mirror-flipped versions, within the Blood paper.

The university has informed Catherine Verfaillie, who led the research team, and a former student, Morayma Reyes, that an inquiry is under way. It will determine whether there is evidence to merit an investigation into possible misconduct. The Catholic University of Leuven (KUL) in Belgium, where Verfaillie now works, has also launched an inquiry into the matter.

From issue 2597 of New Scientist magazine, 31 March 2007, page 7


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