Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New RoundBall Coach at BigU

In the next post below, Bonzo takes a potshot at BigU for the latest activities in the athletic department - namely hiring a coach at an astronomical salary when the money could be better used. This topic has been beaten to death lately, and frankly Mr. Bonzo is getting tired of it, or at least feels that protest is futile. [No doubt he will get over it soon.] Below someone has hit a few of the important points.

A recent (March 27) letter to the Star Tribune:


An expensive quest

Seems like University of Minnesota President Robert Bruininks only speaks to the public through Sid Hartman (interview, March 25). Can anyone recall a time he addressed the people of Minnesota -- or asked for their input -- about his expensive quest for sports glory? Me neither.

As an average-income grad, I might have been inclined to send the U a hundred bucks now and again. But any school that can afford $1.7 million per year for a basketball coach doesn't need my financial help.

Put down those pompoms for a minute, Mr. Bruininks, and tell the taxpayers why we need to spend so much money.



Mr. Bonzo

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