Saturday, June 11, 2011

If wishes were fishes...

More Dissembling on MoreU Park

(Hat tip to Michael McNabb)

Once Dakota Aggregates gets up and running by spring 2012, the operation could bring the university $3 million to $5 million annually through the company's sale of sand and gravel, Muscoplat said.


and what does the lease say:

In November 2010 the Regents approved a 40 year lease for mining at UMore Park.  The lease provides for a minimum royalty of $5 million (for the entire 40 year lease) plus annual royalties between $425,000 and $800,000.  See p. 2 of the November 11, 2010 report of the Facilities Committee of the Board of Regents at and pp. 13-14 of the November 11, 2010 report of the Finance & Operations Committee at


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