Tuesday, February 15, 2011

U of Minnesota Carlson Dean Blake-Davis to Michigan's Ross

University of Minnesota Carlson School

Dean Blake-Davis to

University of Michigan Ross

The Michigan Daily http://bit.ly/hMfyNY

Is this surprising?

"Dean Davis-Blake said there have been many attempts ... What is more difficult is the will to take action: Central costs must go down or in four years her college will be spending more on central costs than it does on its faculty. Making that change will require hard choices and it will require that the University model revenue and live within its budget."

"Davis-Blake said that quality is going down because the quality of the student experience has declined, which is related to uncontrollable central costs. At the Carlson School, they have fewer TAs, fewer classes, more students in classes, the building is less clean, there are fewer advisers, they have more adjuncts, and they have less information technology. All of these things are happening."

Link: http://bit.ly/bweBTq

The dry rot of the vainglorious attempt of this administration to "become one of the top three public research universities in the world" has set in. It cannot be hidden with advertising campaigns such as Driven to Discover or its bastard child, Because...


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