Wednesday, December 16, 2009

TERI in the news

A commenter on an earlier post asked about sources for commentary on the Teachers Education Redesign Initiative under way at the University of Minnesota.

From the Fire website:

Here's a list of the people and media (that I [Adam Kissel] know of) that have covered the case so far

Diane Macedo at, quoting FIRE, in an article that was for several days the #4 most e-mailed item at

Steve Jordahl for Focus on the Family's Family News in Focus (the audio is about twice as long as the news piece, including a FIRE interview)

Katherine Kersten's two pieces in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the first of which broke the story, and the second of which focuses on FIRE's intervention

Michele Tafoya's Michele Tafoya Show (WCCO 830, Minneapolis, MN), which interviewed me for the second of at least two pieces

On The Edge with Thayrone at WAAM 1600 (Ann Arbor, Michigan; at least two pieces, one of which interviewed me)

Bob Unruh for WorldNetDaily (with apt comparisons to FIRE's thought reform case at the University of Delawaresee our video)

Peter Schmidt for the Chronicle of Higher Education

Excellent investigative pieces on by KC Johnson and Mark Bauerlein (also see KC Johnson's piece on the mandatory values assessments proposed by the task force, and more analysis of his here)

Danielle Nordine for The Minnesota Daily

Many bloggers including Margaret Soltan for University Diaries and for Inside Higher Ed, the National Association of Scholars, and Bill Gleason for The Periodic Table (see also my colleague Peter Bonilla's "Bloggers Debate University of Minnesota's Teacher Education Redesign, But Some Miss Key Evidence")

An interview with me broadcast on KCXL 1140 AM and KCTO 1160 AM (Kansas City, MO) and WIFL 104.3 FM (Tampa, FL)

The December 21 issue of National Review

For updates, stay tuned to The Torch and FIRE's case page ...

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