Monday, October 27, 2008

The Whack-A-Mole Game Continues
at the University of Minnesota

From the Daily we learn:

"The $70 million needed to complete the changes will come from a combination of private donors and a University bonding authority."

The University has decided not to bring this project as, if you will, a line-item like the Bell Museum, to the state Legislature,” Rosenstone said.

Trying to keep up with this administration is rather like playing whack-a-mole...

It is noteworthy that the administration seems to be able to come up with $70 million dollars for this project when they plead nolo pecuniae for a faculty ombudsperson that is badly needed as well as a number of other campus projects that are pressing. Follwell Hall, anyone? Let's see, we have Rarig Center, the Ted Mann, the new dance building, and numerous theaters in the city. So many in fact that the Jeune Leune just folded. Does spending seventy million dollars at a time like this really make sense?

Ah, but it will be some administrator's legacy... Done!

The administration seems unwilling to put this, pardon me, boondoggle up to public scrutiny of the legislature. Why is that cultural czar Rosenstone?

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