Wednesday, October 29, 2008

There's Something About the Bell

Executive Summary:

You approved it last year, but there wasn't enough money.
Therefore you should approve it this year.

It'll create jobs!

It's actually a classroom!

Please? Pretty please?

But, but...the Bell is OLD!

Once again the University of Minnesota administration shows an insensitivity to our country's current financial situation that is astonishing. "Ask not what you can do for your country, but what your state government can do for you."

Right after informing us that the U was going to fund the Northrop renovation out of pocket (ha, ha) for a cool seventy mil, we learn that those dreamers in Morrill Hall want to ask the State Legislature for money for a new Bell Museum. Yet another example of the appropriateness of applying the A-word to OurLeaders.

From the Daily:

The University of Minnesota will try again in 2009 to get state funding for a new building for the James Ford Bell Museum, which it has planned for the St. Paul campus.

The new request would include an adjustment for inflation, and would need to be approved by the Board of Regents before it could be sent to the Legislature.

“We’re bringing it back this year because we think there are some legislators who are interested in trying to get it back again because it had been approved by the Legislature,” said Donna Peterson an associate vice president in University Relations, though she couldn’t say when it would be brought to the Regents.

The new location would have an outdoor component that would be landscaped to represent Minnesota’s diverse environment. It will be used year-round as a classroom, both for museum staff to teach student groups and for professors on the St. Paul campus to augment their classes, Weller said.

The current space isn’t very flexible, and the museum had to move a wall once to get a piece of an exhibit in.

Bohnsack said he anticipates strong support from groups at the Legislature hoping to create jobs.

Peterson said the University anticipates support in the Legislature because it approved the project last year.

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