Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Another Partnership Struck

Coke, Pepsi, Twin City Federal, and Now… The Big Ten Network

Mr. Bonzo is on vacation. This means that he is trying to catch up on neglected tasks at home as well as get his lectures ready for the Fall onslaught and take a whack at a couple of grant proposals…

He had hoped to stay on Mrs. Bonzo's good side by not blogging, except for the infamous Driven to Distraction Question of the Week™. However a communiqué sent to Mr. B. this afternoon on behalf of OurLeader and Joltin' Joel was just too much to resist and so I quote:

"At the request of University President Bob Bruininks and Athletic Director Joel Maturi, we are writing to share news about an exciting partnership between the University of Minnesota and The Big Ten Network.

The Big Ten Network -- a first-of-its-kind partnership between the eleven Big Ten universities and a major television provider -- will launch August 30. Big Ten supporters will have unprecedented access to Big Ten sporting events and the University of Minnesota and the other Big Ten universities will receive increased regional and national exposure. The network creates a stable source of funding to supplement our existing Big Ten contracts with CBS (basketball) and ABC/ESPN (football). For the University of Minnesota this is an opportunity to establish a strong financial foundation for athletics, help reduce athletics' dependency on University general funds, and extend the reach of our programs."

Now Mr. B. is shocked that right there in red it is admitted that athletics has a dependency problem. And he naively thought that there was some strategic goal in spending millions of dollars on new coaches and hundreds of millions of dollars on a new stadium. The revenue producing sports were to support not only themselves but also the non-stupid sports (a phrase shamelessly stolen from comments to a post on the UD site). But never fear. The Big Ten Network will no doubt rake in enough cash so that this ambitious aspiration can be attained. [Note the hedging "help reduce."]

Until after Labor Day, hopefully, Bonzo

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