Tuesday, June 2, 2015

For the Record: More foolishness from a member of #umn Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee

Professor Cohen continues commenting on the Strib. 

In a spectacular example of dunderheadedness we find the following comment in the Star-Tribune from Professor Jerry Cohen, of the University of Minnesota, who is unfortunately a member of our Academic Freedom and Tenure committee

"You miss the point.I think most published works have good and bad reviews and Elliott is a faculty member at a major university.He has credentials, it is not the argument.No matter, if his commentary lacksobjectivity, if he personally benefits by résumé ‘padding, if he basks in the attention, then he has conflicts of interests that need to be considered.Like FOX news, the story may be of an important event, but the bias makes the report suspect.No matter how many liked his book, his lack of objectivity is on the record."

So according to Professor Cohen, Dr. Elliott lacks objectivity, benefits by resume padding, and basks in attention which means he has conflicts of interest?

This man definitely has great potential for administration at the U of M, but not for serving as a member of an academic freedom and tenure committee.

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