Saturday, April 6, 2013

University of Minnesota Takes Control of Fairview?

Leverage or Debt?

The Most Annoying, Pretentious, And Useless Business Jargon


"Meet the granddaddy of nouns converted to verbs. ‘Leverage’ is mercilessly used to describe how a situation or environment can be manipulated or controlled. Leverage should remain a noun, as in “to apply leverage,” not as a pseudo-verb, as in “we are leveraging our assets.”"

Best Practice

"This refers to a method or technique that delivers superior results compared with other methods and techniques. It is also perhaps the single most pompous confection the consulting industry has ever dreamed up."

Others in the Forbes list of offenders:

Empower, bleeding edge, scalable, think outside the box, solutions, core competency, buy-in, vertical, over the wall, robust, reach out, impact, take it to the next level... (feeling ill, have to stop) 

"By leveraging our clinical and research synergy we can achieve exceptional outcomes."

"leveraging Fairview's nation-leading initiative"

"leveraging all aspects of care delivery"

"leveraging the University's excellent credit profile." [sic] 
"leveraging the University's very strong financial resources" [sic]
"leveraging operational synergies"
"leverage the knowledge and experience of the Academic Health Center" 

And so it goes. 

I've not even addressed the implications of the claims above and others in the Kaler letter.

That will come. 


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