Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dave Durenberger writes:


UMN President Eric Kaler has been pressed all session by the Minnesota legislature to get rid of as much educational overhead as possible.

He is fighting back with consultant studies. And promises. Last session the university asked the legislature to permit it to sell beer and wine in tents set up at its new TCF Stadium. This year they reported selling $900,000 worth of beer at $7.25 a paper cup and LOSING MONEY!

Probably too much overhead. . .

Alonzo “Tubby” Smith completed his fourth season as men’s basketball coach and as the highest paid employee at the U. Then he lucked out. His team was chosen to play in the NCAA tournament which earned him a $100,000 salary bonus plus another bonus of $150,000 when the Gophers beat UCLA. His luck ran out with Sunday’s loss to Florida and by Monday he was out the door with a check for $2.5 million.


We've been assured not to worry about his because the $2.5 million (actually a lot more than that before this is over) will be paid out of "athletic department funds."

That's a comfort, right?


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