Friday, February 3, 2012

Donors will fund Maturi's new job at old salary

More about this later...

Joel Maturi will retire as Gophers athletic director when his contract expires June 30. He will not be taking a cut in pay.

Maturi will begin his new role as special assistant to university President Eric Kaler the next day, and the one-year appointment will include a base salary matching the $351,900 he currently makes. Maturi also will receive the standard benefits package that includes health insurance and retirement, pushing his compensation package to more than $468,000.

Maturi's salary as a special assistant will come from the University of Minnesota Foundation, which is from fundraising -- not state -- funds.

Maturi's new role will involve fundraising, helping with the transition of the new AD and doing some classroom teaching. Kaler said in an e-mail response that he considered the compensation to be "a fair salary for the job given Joel's experience and service to the 'U'."

Not everyone agrees.

Michael McNabb, a local attorney who received his undergrad and law degrees from the university, expressed outrage.

"It's another example of the extravagant compensation being paid to senior administrators at the University of Minnesota at a time of skyrocketing tuition that's created hardships for students and parents,'' said McNabb, a member of the Minnesota Alumni Association and a frequent blog contributor on the subject of administrative costs.

This is simply pathetic and deeply disturbing.

As some of the commenters on this article put it:

"The money for his salary comes from donors so it's nothing for anyone to raise objections about? Umm, I'm no accountant but I'm pretty sure that if the donor money was not going to Maturi that it would have gone to something else to better the university..."

"'fair salary?' I wonder if the president was able to say that with a straight face. He probably had to email it. and 'special assignments that have to get done?' This would be funny if it were not so sad."

"Did this 'job' exist before Maturi or was it created for him? What a joke - as a U alumna, I'm flabbergasted that donor funds are used to fund his 'retirement'."

"A half a million dollars! This is outrageous! And they want more money (tax-payer) from the legislature? Outrageous!"


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