Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Return to Sanity About MoreU Park?

One of the biggest fiascos and unneccessary draining of resources by the Bruininks/Sullivan regime was the UMore Park fantasy.

For some background please see:

Perhaps Now is the Time for Rethinking Plans for MoreU Park?
On the Continuing MoreU Park Fiasco Is the University of Minnesota a Land Grant Institution?

Exactly how long is the UMore Park craziness going to continue?

Perhaps the new Kaler/Hanson administration will take a closer look at this house of cards?

The President met with faculty members from the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Sciences to discuss the impact of UMore Park plans on their research.
He has also asked for a reassessment of the path forward with respect to UMore Park, given the real estate market and that the market for the gravel is also down.
There are a variety of constituents that will need to be involved in the conversation. 
January 19, 2012
Faculty Consultative Committee


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